Your Fault

I hope you're happy.
Did you put him up to this?

It's all your fault anyway.

Are you trying to wreck these kids?

You don't really want

anything to do with them.

You just want to pour your vicious lies

into their innocent heads.

It's all your fault,
all your fault.

I'll make good and sure they know

it's all your fault,

all your fault.

I'll make them believe it's so.

I hope you're happy.
He's starting to fall apart.

How did you buy his loyalty?

Well, he never was that smart.

My daughter's the bright one.

She'll see the truth just fine.

She'll see you for what you really are.

Now it's only a matter of time.

Now wait a minute there,
my dear.

That's not fair,

As I'm sure you know.

You're saying I don't care,

I fear.

Don't you dare

Tell our kids it's so.


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