Your Fault Reprise

I hope you're happy.
Did you put him up to this?

It's all your fault anyway.

Did you think I'd fall for this?

You don't really want

anything to do with me.

You just want to hone your vicious lies.

Did you think I wouldn't see?

It's all your fault,
all your fault.

In my heart of hearts I know

it's all your fault,

all your fault.

Don't try to tell me it's not so.

I hope you're happy.
He's really falling apart.

How did you buy his loyalty?

Well, he never was that smart.

I was always the bright one.

I see the truth just fine.

I see you for what you really are.

It was only a matter of time.

Your mother is to blame,
my dear.

It's her game,

and it's time you know.

You'll never be the same,

I fear.

What a shame

You believe it's so.

Revenge is sweet --
I taught her well.

Your son, in time,

will do the same.

Until we meet

again in hell,

the pleasure's mine

to cause you pain.


© 2000 MadElf Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved