Why Did You Stay?

What made you do it?
What made you say,

"I don't believe it --

my father's not that way!"?

I can only imagine

your life from day to day

and wonder how you held on

when they tried to pull you away.

When they accused me,
did you cover your ears

and scream at them to stop

through a shower of angry tears?

Did you get up when it started

and run the other way?

Tell me, how'd you do it?

Tell me, why did you stay?

They couldn't make you
look at me and say,

"I don't want to

go with you today!"

It worked with your sister.

Where did it fail with you?

What do you see in me

that made it worth what you went through?

Did I deserve it?
In many ways I failed --

so much I didn't do,

so many times I paled.

But you didn't notice

or hint you've ever seen

that I'm merely human,

much less than I may seem.


 © 2000 MadElf Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved