Where Are You Now?

I hear you have a child.
Your brother says she favors you.

He says she has your eyes

and does all the things you used to do.

We haven't spoken in an eternity --

second-hand news is taking its toll.

Yes, I resent using a go-between,

but it beats hearing nothing at all.

Where are you now?
Who've you become?

I wouldn't know

but for my son...

When you were very young,
I promised I'd always be there.

It killed me when your mom

made you believe that I didn't care!

How could you turn your back on your father

after all I had done for you?

How can you face yourself in the mirror

knowing everything you put me through?

Where are you now?
Still feel the same?

Happy to be

rid of my name?

I've made many mistakes,
some that I hope you never repeat.

I have so much to say,

but somehow I doubt we'll ever meet.

I must accept the fact that I've lost you --

I was never meant to have it all.

You'll soon find out what life will cost you

if I can't prevent your taking my fall.

Where are you now,
my little girl?

Wish I could shield

you from the world...

Where are you now?


© 2000 MadElf Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved