The shadow of a leaden sky
covers my heart.

We lay side by side enough to touch,

but miles apart.

Brimming eyes put the silent question

to the void:

How does it start?

Where does it end?

We maintain our distance
to avoid the cutting pain.

The circling dance we do so well

alleviates our shame.

We stare across a silence

so much louder than words --

fields of broken promises,

dreams unfulfilled.

It's not you. It's not me.
It's just not how we thought it'd be.

Morning comes -- the dream is gone.

We wonder, "Where did we go wrong?"

Great expectations
turn to crushing defeats.

The cause is abandoned

to disorderly retreat.

The shattered lives in ruins

that lie within our wake:

our precious children.

So much at stake!

Reflections of our faces in
their storm-hollowed eyes

whisper of a legacy

of tears that never dry.

How could we have done this

to ones so little yet?

Will they forgive

what they can't forget?


© 2000 MadElf Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved