I Will Not Fight

Here we go again, happens all the time.
Angry with each other, distance suits us fine.

I sit in the dark while you go to bed,

and the words we've left unspoken go on spinning in our heads.

What's the problem here? Damned if I know!
Put away your anger, let the love inside you show.

What makes our hearts collide? Is it pride or is it stress?

Must we keep on hurting just to prove who's best?

Put down your weapons, I will not fight.
I will not raise my hand to you, I'm your wife.

Arms are for holding, lips for kisses in the night

and words were meant for kindness, not to prove who is right.

I will not fight.

I will not fight.

I will not fight.

Should we feed the fire or douse the cold remains?
Desperate to put this right, it causes us such pain.

Every day a new regret to lock down deep inside.

We should heal our wounds together, not force them open wide.

What's the problem here? I think I know.
This family's fading fast, but we won't let it show.

Why should we collide with him? It's such a mess!

We've decided angry silence suits us best.

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Put down your weapons, we will not fight.
There's nothing we can do, no way to put it right.

Our arms are folded, our lips are sealed tight.

We've learned that words are useless, no matter who is right.

I will not fight.

I will not fight.

I will not fight.

Nor will I love you tonight...

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