The Children of Children

Part One

A bad twist of fate, a crying shame --
childhood's end, only ourselves to blame.

All those nights together, hungry back seat moans...

In the heat of the moment a seed was sown.

You didn't tell me until it was too late!

I couldn't tell you until it was too late.

Why, oh why? You can't decide the fate

I didn't want it! You can't decide the fate

of the innocent one that's begun to grow.

Don't deprive a soul of the life it has to know.

So she came, the joy and the burden,
the delicate first of the children of children.

So much to learn of love and of life!
At least we have each other -- let's try to make it right.

We'll take a vow to cherish, honor and obey.

Since we'll be a family, that's the only way.

I couldn't love you until you conceived.

You didn't love me until I conceived!

Why, oh why? And now I must believe

I had to have you, and now I must believe

that we can grow to love with mind and heart,

body and soul, 'til death do us part.

A child is both a joy and a burden.
Let's have another of the children of children.


Part Two

So he came, the joy and the burden,
the delicate last of the children of children.

Child to husband to father, transition swift.
Child to wife to mother, untimely gift.

The strain of maintaining school, career and home --

no time to breathe, no time for me alone.

I try so hard to give you all you need.

You just don't know how little I receive!

No education could prepare for this hurt.

Now I understand "for better or worse"...

We welcome both the joy and the burden.
God help us raise our children, children of children.

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