Another Joyful Day

I get up in the morning
and I follow my routine:

I go to work. I stay home.

Rat race. Cook and clean.

School bus comes at nine.

Goddamn this traffic line!

Sort the laundry, strip the beds.

Another joyful day ahead...

I get off work at five o'clock.
The kids come home at three.

Dinner's in the microwave.

It's just the kids and me.

Job two starts at six --

I never see my kids.

Homework, baths and into bed.

Another joyful day can end...

Moonlighting 'til ten
and by the time that I get home,

my patience is a tiny nub,

I'm weary to the bone.

The sink is leaking, dear.

You didn't get my beer!

We should embrace but fight instead.

Another joyful day should end...

As a child I wanted to grow up,
to finally be adult,

drink freedom from the cup.

Now I can't keep up the pace.

There has to be a place

to get out of this race.

Where's the time to rest and be at ease,

to sit in silent peace,

to do just as I please?

In my life the work is never done --

all I do is run.

There must be something wrong...

Morning comes and off we go,
chasing the routine:

off to work or school or home

with other stuff between.

She's in the cheering line.

He plays ball well for nine.

Clean up, homework, then to bed.

Another joyful day can end...

Now I'm at job number two
(a young girl turns my head).

The nighttime soaps will have to do

(there's not much in my bed).

And when we meet at home,

we're better off alone --

too exhausted to pretend.

Another joyful day should end...

Weekends are no better,
they are just a blur to me:

run all over with the kids

in high anxiety,

and by the time we all get home,

telemarketers are on the phone.

Ain't no roses in this bed.

And now another joyful...

And now another joyful...

Thank God another joyful day can end!

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